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Ever ride on a track?   Ever ride 2-UP on a track?   This is your chance.
Former AMA pro racer Glen Goldman will show you the track from a different angle and from what people say, it seems to be the ride of a lifetime. Many people come just for the thrill, but students of the ART riding school say it's an incredible learning experience.
Here's how to do it:
1 - EMAIL - glen@teampromotion.com and tell him what date you would like to come for your ride.
2 - PLAN - Show up to the track on the scheduled day by 10am or before unless you have specific arrangements. Bring your full face helmet if you have one. You may walk in but there's no guarantee of the ride.
3 - SUIT UP - TPM will provide you with the riding gear you will need before you go out on track.
4 - HOLD ON - The ride is about to begin. You will be given a brief description and some instructions on how to ride with Glen.
5 - SCREAMING OK - There have been reports of hearing sounds from passengers and this is quite normal. You will be asked to enjoy and get the most out of your experience.
6 - FEEDBACK - You will be asked to pose for a quick photo and your feedback is highly appreciated.

Note: This ride is not for everyone. You should be in good health not having medical conditions such as high blood pressure or motion sensitivity. You must be at least 18 years of age and will be asked to sign liability risk waivers. This ride is done with participants assuming any and all risk that may occur before, during and after the ride. There is no guarantee of ones safety. Glen has been providing rides for over 12-years and has logged more than 1000 rides without incident. This is not to say an accident causing injury or death can't occur. We strive for safety with the understanding that motorcycle riding is in fact a dangerous activity in itself. All rules and regulations set forth will be in effect. Please review the rules and regulations page listed on this website. Team Pro-Motion reserves all rights.
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