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In 1997, We set out on a journey to provide motorcycle riders an environment where they can ride as fast as they want safely. Over the last two decades we have served tens of thousands of riders who have come to enjoy the freedom that the track allows. We have been told by countless riders that we have become one of the most organized, friendly and safety-conscious track organizations, and we pride ourselves on these very topics. Ride safe, ride fast, and see you at the track!

Glen Goldman

Glen Goldman

If pure speed actually flows through anyone's veins, that would be Glen. Starting from a young age, Glen developed a passion for going fast on wheels, let it be two or four. After achieving much success as a junior racer, Glen moved on to beating all comers as a pro. Along the way, he has collected wins and championships with a variety of teams and series.

However, his proudest achievement is founding Team Pro-Motion and growing it to the powerhouse that it is today. Having held over 2000 trackdays and racing events, he is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the motorcycle track industry. His innovative programs are widely respected and duplicated by friends and competitors alike.

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