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GP Moto Racing 2017

GP Moto Racing

We are excited to announce our TENTATIVE 2017 GP Moto Racing schedule. Series details and registration procedures will be announced shortly.

Date Track 300/UL SS GP (all classes)
March 26 NC Bike
April 14 Summit Point
May 1 Pitt Race
May 7 Summit Point Shenandoah
May 8 Summit Point
May 15 VIR North
June 17 Summit Point Jefferson
July 9 NJMP Lightning
July 10 NJMP Thunderbolt
July 16 NC Bike
July 31 Pitt Race
August 28 NJMP Thunderbolt
September 11 Summit Point
September 18 VIR North
October 9 NJMP Thunderbolt
November 5 NC Bike

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