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2017 TPM Membership Program Explorer

Fall Membership Bonus Special

Get $100 (FT) or $50 (IP) membership credit if you join the club after 9/15!!!

If you purchase a new 2017 membership (FT or IP) after 9/15, you will receive $100 (FT) or $50 (IP) membership credit toward a 2018 TPM membership! Simply purchase either a FT or IP membership starting today and credits will be automatically issued to your account once the 2018 membership becomes available!

Outside Pass
Inside Pass
Full Throttle

2017 TPM Membership

Please select a 2017 membership from the tabs above.

Outside Pass Membership

Always FREE ($0)

  • Access to Team Pro-Motion track events
  • Eligible to buy DoubleApex TrackPass (save up to $68 off 2 trackdays)

Inside Pass Membership


Make that Inside Pass and get ahead! Inside Pass status provides great value to your track riding experience:

  • Save up to $45 off each trackday event over Outside Pass
  • $20-$30 off Outside Pass track event base price
  • Early Bird eligibility (up to $30 off for 14-day advance registration)
  • Free EFP Basic included for each event (50% event fee protection)
  • $10 bonus credit for each event you complete

Full Throttle


Go Full Throttle and take your game to the next level! Full Throttle status grants you exclusive benefits:

  • Save $30 per trackday over Inside Pass prices (up to $75 off of Outside Pass)
  • Early Bird reward eligibility (up to $30 off for 14-day advance registration)
  • TRU Passport included: access to all TRU Alliance events
  • Free EFP Silver included for each event (65% event fee protection)
  • Priority Check-in, tech, and Full Throttle Pit-Out lane.
  • $15 bonus credit for each event you complete



Unparalleled access and unmatched value.

Please contact us at sales@ridetpm.com to purchase the Titanium membership.

We are excited to announce the 2017 Team Pro-Motion membership programs! As we have done so for the last two decades, we are proud to be the premier track day organization brining motorcycle riders a safe and exhilarating experience.

Our 2017 programs are designed to suit the diverse experiences and lifestyles of our members. No matter what your track riding needs are, we have the right program for you!

Track Event Cost At-A-Glance

Track Event Cost
Mon-Thur Fri-Sun
Base Price $239 $249
Early Bird (14 days) $219 $229
Completion Bonus N/A
Included EFP
Insurance Coverage
EFP Basic
EFP Insurance
Coverage Upgrade

TrackPass Option

Enjoy Early Bird prices without the need the advance registration by purchasing TrackPass multi-event track credits! TrackPass credits can be used anytime to registrate for a trackday where space is available (even walk-in if space is available). One TrackPass credit equals to one regularly priced trackday.

Package Triple
Trackday Credits

TRU Passport

For members who wish greater access to NJMP days, we offer the TRU New Jersey Passport which will grant you unparalleled access to NJMP events! You will receive access to all NJMP events run by our alliance partner at the same price as your TPM NJMP events.

TRU Passport Cost

*Please note that alliance partners are hosts of TRU alliance events and the events will be run under partners' respective policies.

Do you want unparelled, unrestricted access to all of our track events anywhere? Then the Titanium membership is for you!

As a Titanium member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Season pass to all regularly priced track events*
  • No reservations necessary, spaces will always be available
  • Free trackside tire service
  • Free TRU New Jersey Passport which allows access to all TRU Alliance events at a special discounted titanium rate (lower than Full Thorttle rate).

To purchase Titanium membership, please email sales@ridetpm.com. We look forward to seeing you at the track!

* Excludes private events and Premium Riding Experience events (discounts available, contact us for details).

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